You have 2 options to clip on. All video tutorials provided, scan the QR code inside the box.

Clip with Jelly Stickers REUSABLE until the press-on nail damage:
1) Suitable for daily fashion to match your daily outfit. It is like wearing your accessories (earring, watch, etc..; put on and remove)
2) Change the glue tabs each time when used.
3) To remove, soak with water.

Clip with Nail Glue REUSABLE one to two times:
1) Last longer up 1 to 2 weeks.
2) To remove, soak with acetone liquid. Force to peel off might hurt the nail surface.

1. Wash your hand with hand soap, dry up, and no oil or dirt on the surface.
2. Once the press-on nails are applied to the nails, avoid adjusting them by moving them left or right, or tearing them off and reapplying, as it can cause them to become loose and lose their grip.
Jelly Sticker: Change a new sticker and re-stick.
Nail Glue: Add on little nail glue and re-stick.
3. After clip on, avoid contact with water for about 10 minutes.