There are three core services provided by The Nail Edge i.e.

Nail Academy | Manicure Pedicure | Press-On Nails

Whether you are interested in learning nail techniques through our nail classes, looking for a relaxing manicure and pedicure session, or trying out our innovative press on nails, we have got you covered.

Our business has always been passionate about providing high-quality and sustainable beauty services that not only enhance your look but also align with our values of nature preservation.

  • For Nail Academy, The Nail Edge is your top-notch academy providing the most professional and accredited nail training programs at the International level. As part of our objective, we are here to provide the highest standard of our learning tutorials. Our students are fully trained and guided by a team of qualified and expert nail teachers. Our academy is focused and dedicated to conducting nail trend research and introducing state-of-the-art nail technology & equipment. Each technique will be learned and mastered with hours of hands-on work provided to our students.
  • For Manicure Pedicure (by appointment), we provide a variety of nails available to custom fit your nails for a more natural appearance and create beautiful nails out of imperfect nails.
  • For Press-On Nails, enjoy a quick manicure session at home by getting your nails done in 5 minutes! We accept custom on your favorite design! Your Nails can be your daily fashion to match your daily outfit now!

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