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The Nail Edge offers three core services:

Nail Academy: Elevate your skills with The Nail Edge, a premier academy delivering internationally accredited nail training programs. Our commitment is to uphold the highest standards in learning, ensuring our students receive expert guidance from qualified instructors.

Manicure and Pedicure: Indulge in personalized nail care, enhancing your natural beauty with tailored services. Choose from a variety of nails for a perfect fit and beautiful results.

Press-On Nails: Achieve a manicured look in just 5 minutes with our custom-designed Press-On Nails. Embrace daily fashion effortlessly, making your nails a stylish accessory.

  1. At The Nail Edge, we are passionate about delivering high-quality, sustainable beauty services that not only enhance your appearance but also align with our commitment to nature preservation. Join us for expert training, personalized nail care, and innovative solutions that redefine your nail experience.