Custom Handmade Press On Nails 全手工穿戴甲 B004

RM 68.00

Handmade Press On Nails. 100% hand-crafted. If your nail size does not match the pre-defined sizes, select Custom Size. Custom size will have an additional RM 20.


⚠️ Wash your nails with hand soap, dry up, and no oil on the surface. Once you stick on, don't adjust left or right or tear up and re-stick, it will get easier to loosen.

Avoid contact with oil or water for 30 minutes after application.
 ▪️10 PCs Nail Tips Press-On Nails.
 ▪️24 Tabs Jelly Sticker.
 ▪️1 Nail Glue.
 ▪️1 Manicure File.
 ▪️1 Wooden Stick.
 ▪️1 Alcohol Wipes.