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About Us

About the Founder

Berry Shum has started her career in nail industry since 2006. Back then, there were not many accessible and affordable nail training resources around. Berry saw the opportunity and decided to start her own venture, motivated by her lifelong obsession in beauty, passion for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

That was how Berry Shum started The Nail Edge in Kuala Lumpur since 2013. As of now, it is the 1st academy in Malaysia with e-learning website provision. Berry’s mission and vision is to turn The Nail Edge to be the best nail academy in Malaysia.

Berry Shum is known as a celebrity nail instructor who has been featured in the local and overseas nail publications. She is holding a title as Trinity USA Global Master Artist for Malaysia territory.

She was officially invited by overseas academies for nail demo and training. In addition to that, she has also been occasionally appointed as one of the judges in some international competition.

  • 2018 NAIL ARTIST CUP (Vietnam)
  • 2013 - 2018 COSMONAIL CUP (Malaysia)
  • 2017 INTERNATIONAL NAIL & LASH Competition (Taiwan)
  • 2017 KOREA NAIL CUP (Seoul Korea)
  • 2014 GEL WEAR NAIL CHALLENGE (Malaysia)
  • 2013 ONS GLOBAL NAIL CUP (Malaysia)
  • and Many MORE...

About the Nail Trainer

Veronica Chin

Veron has started her career in the Nail Industry since 2013 She was graduated from The Nail Edge Intl Nail Academy since June 2014. Her interest is in beauty especially in the nail industry. She has 4years of experience as a nail artist.

Her passion in nail design draws her to improve and create more unique nail art. She has been continuously engaging in different training and workshops to enhance her skills & techniques in nail. Her specialty is creating 3D nail designs.

She was officially invited by other nail academy to provide nail art demo & training. She also conducts video tutorial on the M'sia 1st Online Nail Art Learning Platform -www.thenailedge.com/updating the latest trend of nail arts.

About the Nail Designer Artist

Iris Tan

Iris is very passionate about the bed industry. She graduated from professional nail academy and started her nail career since 2014. In that time, she has grown her talent in manicures and pedicures as well as my customer-service skills.

She has passion for nails since young at secondary school for many years, she dabbled and practiced painting nails as hobby. She has continues engaging in many trainings and workshops to enhance her skills and techniques in nail. Thereafter, she entered The Nail Edge and now proficient in gel services, nail manicures & pedicure, nail art and paraffin treatments. She also conducts video tutorial on the online platform The Nail Edge from time and updates the latest trend of nail arts.


Yuni entered the nail industry in 2011. As she is very good at painting, she chose to start out in nail industry. Her specialty is in gel nails. She continues to study and improve because she love nall art & she has great passion in it.

She entered The Nail Edge as a professional nail artist providing professional nail Services, manicures & pedicures, nail art and gol services. Moreover, she is also conducting video tutorial on the online platform www.thenailedge.com updating the latest trend nail designs.


Bonnie has been engaged in Manicure industry for 2 years. She was graduated from Sense and Style Beauty Academy since 2015. When she was a teenager, she has deep interest in beauty industry, especially the nail industry. She likes to watch some unique nail art tutorial which can inspire her in nail design during her leisure time. Her nail designs has been featured in e-magazine on the Msia 1st Online Nail Art Leaming Platform -www.thenailedge.com sharing the latest trend of nail arts.


The Nail Edge is your top-notch qualified academy providing the most professional and accredited nail training programs at international level. There are three core services provided by the academy i.e. professional nail training, nail makeover service and the e-learning program.

For e-learning, variety of nail tutorials will be provided via the internet to train you to be skillful nail technician. We are thrilled to announce that the e-learning program is the most flexible and affordable training route for self-learning partners.

As part of our objective, we are here to provide the highest standard of our learning tutorials. Our students are fully trained and guided by a team of our qualified and expert nail teachers. Our academy is focused and dedicated in conducting nail trend research as well as introducing state-of-the-art nail technology & equipment. With hours of hands-on work provided to our students, each technique will be learned and mastered. All these will advance our nail artists towards a better career prospect.

We are very proud of our students who have eventually done well in nail beauty world with their excellent technical skills and impressive portfolio. They have wide range of career prospects from freelance to employed nail artist, nail beauty trainer and nail beauty consultant and so on.

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